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Invicta Mako Swiss Pro Diver 200m 9310 Men’s watch

Invicta Mako Swiss Pro Diver 200m 9310 Men’s watchInvicta has established their belief of offering supremely crafted timepieces for extremely modest sums. This founding principle forms the very base of the radical notion that drives the brand to deliver true Swiss luxury, year after year. It’s their inspired freedom that made Invicta a prominent name in the world of technical watch making. Every piece created brings the spirit of a never-ending possibility.

The Invicta Mako Swiss Pro Diver 9310 exhibits everything the most avid of deep-sea divers shall appreciate. It’s made to go down beyond 600 feet. The two-tone-stainless-steel case gives it a durable built while its mineral window shields it against scratches and cracks. The whole watch is interplay between gold and blue and offers a brilliant view with its contrast. Despite being quartz, it is heavy and the weight is more of an assuring kind than restrictive. At first look, it appears to worth hundreds more than what you pay.

For a watch below $300, its fit and finish are excellent. The bracelet is nice, solid and feels good. It’s held with standard pins, so resizing to a comfortable fit is easy. The gold plating on the centre links is laid very well and the bracelet itself is quite stout.

It is inspired by the Submariner tradition but has a look of its own that makes you love it. It is something a little more than just well-made. The 9310 Swiss Quartz Dive watch is a hassle-free watch that you don’t need to service every couple of years or has accuracy issues. Its 5-year battery life takes care of it all. That said, the movement is from Ronda. It’s a middle range quality movement known as the calibre 705.

Among the aesthetic aspects, the Invicta Speedway Watches engraving on the side gives the watch a cool look. This one is not the old red wings with SWISS written underneath, the golden wings and letters is the style Invicta Vintage Mechanical has changed to for the 9310. The new wings have also been done well and look classier than before. Or, should we say darn cool?

The dial is very deep blue but also gives glimpses of purples and light blue that changes the appearance of the gold lettering and markings. The Cyclops makes for an easy reading of the date while the basic hands (seconds-hand has a luminescent bead) mark time clearly.

It’s a watch just as functional as the high priced boys and looks as well like one, unless you bring it under a rather tough scrutiny. It is made to get you all dressed up to go out; wearing this cool watch feels like you got bucks to spare. That you do; you save a lot buying this first class, cool looking time piece. It doesn’t make you break the bank. This is one of the prime factors behind why the 9310 Invicta Signature Automatic Watches beautiful, blue face and gold trims leave no room for disappointments.

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