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Stuhrling Original Trackmaster Swiss Quartz Brown Genuine Leather 211.3315K55

Stuhrling Original TrackmasterTo the true watch-lover, it’s the maker that matters; not where that maker belongs to. But on the contrary, it is incredibly difficult disputing a watch with the Swiss marking. The Swiss name and tradition is an ever-important one. The Stuhrling Original Trackmaster Swiss Quartz Brown Genuine Leather 211.3315K55, being Swiss at its very DNA, shares that incredible reputation. The stark contrast here is its stunning, retro design at an affordable price.

Stuhrling, as a company, has an interesting history. Though not backed by a century-long heritage, its prowess lies in building quality, luxury-type watches at a price way down lower than others. They keep the costs down by not investing heavily into sponsorships and celebrity endorsements. The result was Stuhrling sold over 20,000 watches in the first year of their launching and there are many customers who, since, has stuck to their Stuhrling as their only watch.

The specific line of Stuhrling watches the Trackmaster comes from is Monaco; chronographs with a classic feel that symbolize endurance and tenacity with utmost determination. It’s an all-time classy timepiece with a functional edge, brought in by some of the features that are exclusive only to high-end sports watches. Stuhrling is successful in creating a luxury timepiece with combinations that are bound to satisfy!

Those anxious with accuracy issues shall find Stuhrling’s utilization of quartz technology an absolute relief; however, that comes at the cost of battery replacement every couple of years (i.e. if you are absolutely merciless with the chronograph). But with limited use, the battery shall last long and that will be a more than decent span. The Ronda 5030D caliber is a Swiss, quartz analogue movement with a chronograph complication added to it, giving it the classic three-eyed (3-6-9) look.

The analog display has a retro touch to it. Like the old dials turn slightly reddish, the Stuhrling Original Classic Quartz Brown Genuine Leather 211.3315K55 shows it in a quite wonderful manner, which sync with the railroad design in a most formidable way. Through the Krysterna crystal, the face turns out to be a most appealing one, paired with case design. Krysterna™ comes from the eyewear industry and finds place in the high-end eyeglasses due to its superior strength (shatter resistance) than sapphire! The Trackmaster’s modern design and materials bring about a sense that you get more than what you pay for!

So when life moves rapidly and you want to keep a constant check on its fast pace, the chronograph and the tachymeter of the Trackmaster helps you to do so. Being a part of the Monaco series, it is inspired by racing – its sporty design speaks of that and fits you in groove with the inevitable daily grind.

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