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Suunto Vector HR Dark Green Digital SS018730000 Watch

Suunto WatchesEvery guy who takes sports seriously is aware of the name Suunto. They are one of the leading ‘sports precision instruments’ designers and manufacturers. Snow, mountain, land or the seas – wherever you go to satiate your sports-related needs, Suunto always provides you with a reliable instrument to make the most out of every situation.

The Suunto watches score very high when it comes to intuitive designs, accurate readings and dependability; at the same time, they are aesthetically immaculate and are more of sports-computers than simple watches. From beginners to professionals, every Suunto watch is created to meet the needs of every level and help to analyze and improve an individual’s performance.

An example shall make it easier to grasp what a Suunto watch is meant for and all that it is capable of doing. Let’s take the Suunto Vector HR Dark Green Digital SS018730000 Watch to fill in as that example.

Although a large number of people strap on the Suunto Vector HR Dark Green Digital SS018730000 Watch just as a high-tech fashion wear, in reality, it is a tool that athlete’s can use towards bettering their performance and obtain from it all sorts of information one may need while on the climb (both up and down), on the run or when going with or against the tide. Let’s see how the Suunto Vector HR Digital gets it done.

The Suunto Vector HR has been armed with three of the most essential equipment one might need for peak (and to peak) performance: Altimeter, Barometer, an electronic Compass and a heart-rate monitor; the last one not just an outdoor sports equipment but is an essential tool even if you are into aerobics exercises. Together, these four help you make decisions responsibly, especially when you are outdoors and at great heights. Indoors, the HR monitor alone is sufficient to take your performance to the next level and control stress by objectively measuring physical exertion measuring the height and atmospheric condition above/below the sea level that you are currently in.

Among the pro-s, the Suunto Core SS018730000 Watch has a large and crisp, easy-to-read LCD that represents its face. You can set alarms for all its functions i.e. when you are above or below a certain level (height) or when your heart rate falls or rises over the set limit. Even when the barometric pressure rises or falls or when you are deflecting accidentally from your set course along a certain direction.

Lastly, the Suunto Core Glacier Gray Digital SS018730000 Watch offers you a Comfort Belt made from soft, textile material that’s equipped with unique traction strips. This gets rid of the problem of over-tightening the band and reduced blood circulation resulting i reduced strength. It also minimizes the risks of friction and abrasions and therefore, minimizes interruption in practice and performance.

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