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Citizen Aviator Eco-Drive Chronograph CA0690-88L Men’s Watch: A Time Teller Re-Imagined

Citizen Aviator Eco-Drive Chronograph CA0690-88L Men’s WatchCitizen Aviator Eco-Drive Chronograph CA0690-88L Men’s Watch is a true time teller which every aviator dreams of without shelling too many pennies. A wide dial face of 44mm, it is huge, which makes it easier to observe the time. The steel case with a blue dial gives a glacial effect with a compass in the outermost track following the direction and distance measures. The inner most tracks shows the minutes and the hour markers are prominent at each quarter. The three sub dials indicate hour, seconds and minutes. The Eco-driveB612 caliber movement is the best mechanism among the Japanese makes 100m water resistance makes it fall in the category of a sports watch.

The Citizen Aviator Eco-Drive Chronograph CA0690-88L Men’s Watch has a mineral crystal cover and the eco-drive features makes it a strong watch which can reserve power up to seven months. This makes it a worry free watch where there is no headache of replacing the battery. The aviator watch at this price with all the goodness of a citizen eco-drive feature is sure to win hearts of all including the aviator or the pilots.

Citizen Aviator Eco-Drive Chronograph CA0690-88L Men’s Watch makes affordable watch. The steel finish gives it a professional serious look yet sporty too.

The Citizen Aviator Eco-Drive Chronograph CA0690-88L Men’s Watch was a dream piece for anyone that considers themselves a fan of quirky, yet serious tool watches. People generally use the Aviator Eco-Drive Chronograph as a sort of all-purpose adventure watch for when speed is needed, but not in a super precise manner. More useful than the tachymeter (for most, given modern technology), is the compass – which can prove really handy. Citizen still makes the Aviator Eco-Drive Chronograph a lot like a dive watch, so this 43mm wide steel case is water resistant to 100m. So this timepiece wouldn’t be as appropriate as other promaster watches under the sea.

Fitting the vintage military watch look is the black-colored rotating bezel, as well as the sober-looking white hour markers and hands against the mostly matte black dial. The result is very legible and conservative, with a pleasant emphasis on pure functionality. Citizen Wrist Watch does their best to use design tricks to help visually reduce the mass of the Aviator Eco-Drive Chronograph CA0690-88L Men’s Watch. No matter how they dress it, the watch will still be pretty large.

Therefore, what we now have is a lovely design study in more conservative and traditional design elements as applied to the theme of Citizen Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Chronograph Men’s Watch.

Bottom line: A chunky aviator from the house of Citizen, is a real deal for money as it has all the attributes of the eco drive and mixed with the classic look of an aviator watch. A cheap and best offer which very few can resist and one should not resist because simply you cannot let this amazing wrist watch let go.

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